Monday, March 31, 2014

Rustic Baby Shower Pt. 1

It has been so much fun seeing my best friend Larissa grow into a beautiful blooming expecting mother.  She is a constant example of a true friend and follower of Christ.  I had the privilege of editing some pictures my good friends Steph and Candice took over Oregon's 2014 Snowpocalypse that I was housebound by homework.  She is gorgeous right?

Rustic Baby Shower Pt. 1: The Decor
Larissa's mom Sally, close friend Erin, and I put together Larissa's shower at their beautiful new home.  Larissa and Jered moved in Thanksgiving week when they also announced that they were +1. I feel so blessed to be a part of their journey and to call them my friends.
It was a lot of fun planning for her shower.  Jered loves hunting and since baby C will of course follow in his father's footsteps we planned a rustic outdoorsy themed shower.  Erin did most of the decorations but we had lots of fun exchanging emails getting ideas and pinning things to pinterest.  I absolutely loved planning with Erin and Sally.  We made a great team.  I also felt really blessed they took on a lot, since I am finishing up my last semester of grad school.  It was worth the sacrifice because the whole shower was flawless.
Erin and her husband Jared did all of the chalkboards.  Erin had a lot of these decorations already, which makes me think she needs to go into event planning because she did an AMAZING job.  I showed up the night before to help decorate and everything was pretty much DONE!  I just had to hang the banner I made and the Photo Booth.
I love all of the details of the shower.  Most people planning a shower may not pay attention to all of them, but Erin did an incredible job.
Do you absolutely LOVE Larissa & Jered's fireplace?  I feel so at peace when I am at their house.  The theme went real well already with her decor so it was easy to plan.
It was my first time working with burlap while making the Baby Deer banner, it is not my favorite thing but it was kinda fun. I got to finally use my artistic side again.  I miss doing little projects like this, since I have been doing schoolwork most days.
Little C is due June 3rd but each guest had the chance to guess which day they thought he would join the world.
More pictures coming soon...


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