Sunday, March 16, 2014

oh shoot

I always dreamed of doing a colorfully fun photo shoot.  Only God knew that I would have the opportunity to do one a few years ago.  My friend Allison Tash, who lived on my floor the year I was an RA (Resident Assistant) at Vanguard University, approached me about taking pictures for her.  Allison and some other good friends of mine were also chosen to be an RA for Laguna Hall, the freshmen girls dorm.  We set up the shoot outside my apartment and had a blast doing a huge paint fight.  Thankfully nothing got on the camera!  Here are some favorites from the shoot.

Meet Anjolie, a sweet girl who I went to Africa with the summer after I graduated from Vanguard with.  She has an incredible story of having jaw surgery, you should read on her blog here.

Micah is hilarious, and even though I barely know him I know he is quite the adventure seeker.  He biked across the US which is crazy but awesome.  You can see his adventure here.


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